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Σ Σχεδιασμός Κ Κατασκευή C Consulting Ε Έρευνα


The architectural practice was founded in 1992 by Nikolaos Soulakis with the aim to produce architecture and urban landscape of high standards. In 2000 the practice advanced into T.RP Architects Engineers.

The practice is involved with projects both in the public and private sector.

Its portfolio includes a wide range of projects from single houses and residential complexes, offices, stores and commercial malls to exhibitions and museums, urban renweal projects and environmental educational parks.

This significant volume of work has ensured a profound knowledge on all aspects of the discipline, something which enables the practice to undertake highly demanding projects with complex approaching.

This knowledge and experience in design and construction is constantly enriched with the latest architectural trends, technology innovations and modern material implementation. The practice has continuous cooperation and collaboration with engineers of all other disciplines ensuring the successful completion of all types of complex projects. T.RP Architects Engineers is qualified to undertake architectural studies of the public sector regarding both buildings and special architectural projects. Its cooperation with expert craftsmen guarantees the excellent outcome of any project, from the preliminary study to the completion of the construction.

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Every project, regardless being of small or large scale, is perceived as unique. During the design process, the novelty of the idea and its customized character is sought.

On complex projects, all parameters are taken into consideration, simultaneously aiming at the optimal collaboration of all disciplines.

The T.RP architectural practice focuses not only on the initial  concept but also on its development. The design process is completed with the precise solution of every visible or invisible feature of the project. The environmental aspect plays a leading part in every proposal.

Every project, whether it is the design of a furniture or an urban renewal proposal, is being approached with the same dedication and diligence.

The aim of every study is the timelessness of the design, in combination with sustainability and economic implementation.

Embracing these principals, the T.RP architectural practice has been established due to both its highly aesthetic quality design and the construction adequacy of its proposals.  

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Born in March, 1959 and grew up in Thessaloniki

He studied at ANATOLIA American College of Thessaloniki and the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Graduaded in 1984 with the title of Architect-Engineer.

He was awarded his PhD Degree from the Universidad Politecnica de Catalyna – Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura de Barcelona. During his studies he earned several distinctions and he received scholraships from both IKY and the Spanish State.

In Barcelona, between 1984-1992, he cooperated with professors Joan Busquets i Grau, Manuel de Sola Morgles(+) and Salvador Tarrago I Cid, as well as CCRS Urban Planning Firm on several urban renewal and design projects for the city of Barcelona, the Catalonia region and the Canary Islands.

In 1992 he returns to Thessaloniki, Greece where he founded his private architectural practice. In 2000 the practice is renamed T.RP Architects – Engineers and expands its collaboration with wider groups of associates.

He has undetaken a significant number of architecture and urban small, medium and large scale projects both in the public and private sector.

He has participated and awarded in several national and international architectural competitions.

Since 2011 his activities have extended to the bioclimatic design sector both in architecture and urban renewal projects implementing passive and active energy systems.


Between 2010-2013 becomes a member of the Standing Committee for Architectural Affairs of the Technical Chamber of Greece/Central Macedonia Branch as chief on Urban Planning and Urban Renewal issues.

Between 2012-2014 becomes a member of the Architectural Competition Judge Party.

He has significant research work on Urban Regeneration as well as Sustainable Urban Mobility issues, with case study the city of Thessaloniki. Between 2014 and 2015 represents the Municipality of Thessaloniki in international workshops.


He has a vivid social activity as a member of numerous scientific and cultural centers.